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It is a web application called End of Text summarized from the article. End of Text helps writers improve their writing by generating different creative writing prompts and exercises.

Here are some of the key features of End of Text:

  • Variety of Prompts: Offers a wide range of creative writing prompts in different categories, like character development, plot twists, and setting descriptions.
  • Daily Prompts: Provides a new writing prompt every day to keep users engaged and inspired.
  • Exercise Library: Includes a library of writing exercises designed to improve specific writing skills, like dialogue or description.
  • Community Aspect: Allows users to share their writing and get feedback from others (although this functionality may require a paid subscription).

Overall, End of Text seems like a useful tool for writers of all levels who are looking for ways to overcome writer's block, spark creativity, and improve their craft.

End of Text
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