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HeyBeauty is an AI-powered beauty assistant that aims to help users find beauty products and professionals that match their specific needs and preferences. The platform utilizes a user-friendly chat interface where users can ask questions and receive personalized recommendations.

Key features of HeyBeauty include:

  • Personalized Product Recommendations: HeyBeauty analyzes user information and preferences to suggest beauty products tailored to their individual needs.
  • Skincare Analysis: The platform offers a skin analysis tool to help users identify their skin type and concerns, leading to more accurate product recommendations.
  • Beauty Professional Search: HeyBeauty allows users to search for beauty professionals like makeup artists, hair stylists, and estheticians in their area.
  • Community Forum: Users can connect with other beauty enthusiasts, share experiences, and ask questions in a dedicated community forum.

Overall, HeyBeauty aims to simplify the process of finding suitable beauty products and professionals by utilizing AI technology and providing personalized recommendations.

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