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Stable Artisan is a Discord bot and server developed by Stability AI that allows users to generate and edit images using the company's advanced AI models, including Stable Diffusion 3. It offers a user-friendly interface and features like Search and Replace, Remove Background, Creative Upscale, and Outpainting.

Key Features:

  • Media Generation: Users can create high-quality images directly within Discord using Stability AI's cutting-edge models like Stable Diffusion 3, Stable Video Diffusion, and Stable Image Core.
  • Editing Tools: Stable Artisan offers various editing tools to enhance and customize images, such as Search and Replace, Remove Background, Creative Upscale, and Outpainting.
  • Community Collaboration: The Stable Artisan server provides a space for users to collaborate on image generation and editing projects, share their creations, and get feedback from the community.


  • Accessible: Makes Stability AI's powerful image generation technology available to a wider audience through Discord.
  • Easy to Use: The bot's user-friendly interface makes it simple to generate and edit images without prior technical knowledge.
  • Collaborative: Encourages creativity and collaboration among users through the Discord server.
  • Versatile: Offers a range of image generation and editing tools to cater to different creative needs.

Overall, Stable Artisan is a valuable tool for anyone interested in image generation and editing. It combines the power of Stability AI's advanced models with the convenience and community of Discord.

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